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What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance, also known as home insurance which protects your home and possessions against damage or theft. It is important from a piece of mind perspective, but also mortgage companies will require borrowers to have proof of insurance coverage prior to getting a loan to purchase or refinance a home.

What a Homeowner's Policy Provides?

Although there are a range of coverage amounts and types, a homeowner’s insurance policy has certain standard elements which the insurer will cover. Generally, it will cover damage to the interior or exterior of your house in the event of fire, theft, accident, or something like damage from a leaking toilet or roof issue.

What Isn't Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

While homeowner’s insurance covers most scenarios where a loss could occur, some events are typically excluded from policies.

If you live in a flood or hurricane zone? Or an area with a history of earthquakes? You’ll want additional coverage for earthquake or flood insurance.

Cost-Cutting Home Insurance Tips

There are many factors which affect Homeowners Insurance rates and premiums such as age of your home and location. Although you may want to look for ways to cut down on insurance premiums, you will also want to make sure you are properly covered in the event of loss.

Another easy cost cutting measure is to look for multiple policy discounts, sometimes called bundling. Many insurance companies give a discount of 10% or more to customers who maintain other insurance contracts under the same company (such as auto). Consider obtaining a quote for other types of insurance from the same company that provides your homeowners insurance. You may end up saving on two premiums.


You should also request regular policy reviews and comparisons. Insurance companies guidelines change often so you may qualify for updated rates, or if you haven’t filed a claim you may be able to reduce your costs by being a low risk customer.

Get Multiple Quotes for Home Insurance

Your best option for getting a good rate, is to get multiple quotes from top rated insurance agents in your area. Insurance companies prices vary by state, and a licensed local agents can provide you with a competitive quote for home insurance or a multiple policy option. Getting multiple quotes will provide you with options on coverage and prices.

Insurance Guide Pro

How can Insurance Guide Pro help

Insurance Guide Pro has access to multiple top insurance brands that we’ve partnered with over many years. We make shopping around easy and work to find the best fit for you in minutes. We want you to get the right insurance coverage for your needs and get back to focusing on what is most important to you in your life.

We have options for home insurance, auto insurance and bundling insurances to help you save today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no law that requires home insurance. But mortgage lenders do require you to get home insurance coverage before they will agree to finance your home purchase.

The amount of homeowners insurance you may need depends on the value of your home and your possessions. Generally, it should cover the value of your home, or what it would cost to rebuild.

It is combining policies which can often lower rates with multiple policy discounts. Many insurance carriers offer discounts if you bundle multiple policies, Check with your carrier or insurance agent to learn about ways you can potentially save on your homeowners insurance

Some mortgage lenders use the term “hazard insurance” to refer to the part of a homeowners insurance policy that covers the structure of the home. The lender also may require you to have flood insurance or other coverage, depending on the location.

It’s a good idea to start shopping for homeowners insurance as soon as you sign a contract to buy a home. This allows you to shop around for quotes and gives you time to get your policy in place before closing on the purchase.

A deductible is the amount you’re responsible for in the event of a covered loss. In most covered loss cases, you are responsible for any amounts up to your deductible level and your insurance would cover anything beyond that up to your coverage limit.   A homeowners deductible applies to each claim. If you have more than one claim in a policy period, you will be responsible for the deductible amount for each individual claim regardless of the number of claims you have during that policy period.   To get a quote or talk to a licensed agent, contact us today.