What is the armed forces discount for car insurance?

Car insurance quotes and rates can be influenced by a variety of factors.

Once you find out your rate, it’s important to know that additional discounts can be applied. For example, you can pay the entire annual premium upfront or choose to increase your deductible and these things can significantly lower your cost.

Among other discounts available, there is the possibility of receiving a lower rate if you belong to certain groups or organizations. For example, being a member of the armed forces gives you particular perks.

Here’s what you need to know about the armed forces discount for car insurance.

How does car insurance work for armed forces personnel?

Car insurance companies may provide their customers with special policies if they are current members of the military, veterans of the military or pre-commissioned officers.

These are specific plans for military members that can be adapted to military personnel based on their deployments and circumstances. A military member may need car insurance coverage overseas or may only need their car insured a few months out of the year.

Military members need flexibility, so they need a car insurance company that already has plans in place that can adapt to their special cases. Flexibility can result in much lower car insurance costs since policyholders are getting coverage as they need it.

Military personnel are also given special discounts that are exclusive to them for the service they provide the country.

What are the requirements to be eligible for military car insurance?

In general, to be considered eligible for armed forces discounts on car insurance, you must be one of the following:

  • Active military personnel
    • Generally, this is a person who is currently in the armed forces and working full time (those in the national reserve may also be eligible despite not being full time). You may live on a military base, or not, but may be deployed any time.
  • A veteran
    • This is a person who previously served in active military, naval or air service and was honorably discharged. If you were dishonorably discharged, you’re likely to be ineligible for car insurance military benefits.
  • A pre-commissioned officer
    • This is a person who works as an officer candidate, cadet or midshipman. You should be currently attending, or be a part of, a military program within a U.S. Service Academy, Prep School or ROTC program.

Can spouses and children of military members get car insurance benefits?

It depends on the car insurance company. Some car insurance companies do provide benefits to eligible family members. The eligibility requirements may vary.

For example, for car insurance company USAA, an eligible family member would generally be the spouses and children of USAA military car insurance policyholders.

Are there car insurance discounts available if you’re a member of a military organization but not a member of the military?

Some car insurance companies provide discounts (for example, a 15% discount) to members of certain professional military associations. Here are some examples of organizations whose members may be eligible for military discounts:

  • Association of the United States Army
  • Fleet Reserve Association
  • Armed Forces Benefit Association

These discounts are not available in every state.

Why it’s important to mention your military history to your car insurance provider

Be sure to always ask your car insurance company to review your rates and include your military history. 

One way it can be beneficial to mention your military service is when car insurance companies are considering your credit score. Except in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Michigan, car insurance companies can use a credit-based score to help determine your rates. A poor credit score will usually mean a more expensive premium.

If you have a poor credit history or score due to your military deployments, car insurance companies can overlook your poor credit and give you a better rate.

How to find military car insurance companies

Not all car insurance companies provide armed forces discounts on car insurance. The policies and discounts may also vary by state.

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