Most affordable cars in 2023

Usually, the more your car is worth, the more you pay for auto insurance and that might scare you if you want a brand new car, and that’s also why we decided to put together some of the car models that many people will surely acquire this year due to their reasonable and comfortable prices.

  1. Versa

Leading the list, this Nissan model is reported to be valued under $17,000 and is equipped with a manual 5-speeds transmission.

  • Mirage.

From Mitsubishi, this might be the cheapest hatchback you’ll find in the market this year and its sedan version (Mirage G4) gets very close on pricing.

  • Rio.

Both the most basic sedan & hatchback versions of this Kia appear high in this list, with none of them reaching the $19,000 barrier.

  • Venue.

Hyundai shows up in the list with the most affordable SUV offered this year.

  • Soul.

Kia claims another position in this ranking with great features on this car and a starting $19,890 price, according to the official site.

  • Forte.

Kia makes it yet again in the list with this compact with a starting price under $20,000.

  • Impreza.

Subaru brings 2 cars into this list with the sedan & hatchback versions of the Impreza, with the first one being $500 cheaper than the 5-door vehicle.

  • Sentra.

With its standard equipment, this Nissan gets into the top 10 with a price just above $21,000.

  • Elantra.

Cutting a few dollars off some of its competitors, this Hyundai comes with great features and an even better price.

  1. Kicks.

For the SUV enthusiasts out there, Nissan offers a great option without crossing the $22,000 limit.

Special mentions

There are some other big, well reputed brands with affordable cars and here you have some of those models that you’ll surely see many times in the street this year:

  • Mazda 3 | 23,615
  • Chevrolet Trailblazer | $23,400
  • Toyota Corolla | $22,650
  • Volkswagen Jetta | $21,760

Keep in mind that all prices here shown are approximated, could vary and are based on different sources. This blog is written with merely informative purposes.

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