E-insurance: Car insurance guide for EV owners

Electric vehicles are increasingly common on the roads, with more charging stations appearing each year, more specialized mechanics too, and alongside this shift have come lower car insurance prices, coming closer to gas-powered vehicles’ rates, but not cheaper yet because EV repairs can still be costlier, which tends to higher premiums. That’s why there’s a big list of essentials of car insurance for an EV owner that on this occasion we’ll explore.

1. Roadside assistance and towing coverage

One of the essential coverages that we at Insurance Guide Pro recommend for electric vehicles is comprehensive roadside assistance and towing coverage as EVs may present unique challenges in the case of breakdowns or incidents, especially when the battery is involved.

2. Coverage for charging infrastructure

One key component of an EV is its charging station, so as an EV owner, you’d want to protect not only the car but also the charging infrastructure, which is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s functionality. We recommend you’re adequately protected in case of damage or theft and in case of damage in public charging stations.

3. Enhanced coverage

Make sure you and your wallet are well protected. For EVs, their specialized components could make their replacement or maintenance too costly, so make sure the key parts of your car are covered. It also could take more time than you expected to get it repaired, so investigate if you have a replacement car in that case.

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4. Coverage for battery

Over time, batteries can experience degradation, impacting their performance, so we suggest looking for options to protect your wallet with what insurance companies might offer.

If not, we at least suggest buying batteries or your electric vehicle from manufacturers with a warranty for battery longevity.

5. Look for discounts for EV owners

The EV market is growing and to gain a larger part of it, some insurance companies offer incentives for EV drivers such as lower premiums, reduced rates, or others, so when talking to insurers, inquire about any specific discounts or incentives available for electric vehicle owners to maximize your savings.

Owning an electric vehicle can be a unique experience and it comes with unique needs for your car insurance that we wanted to cover in this guide. Whether you’re an EV owner or not, at Insurance Guide Pro, you can find not only tips to save on your policy but also the right auto insurance for your needs.